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Personal Training (1 Person)

+ Medilogic Pilates Mat

€90/55 Min.

Try it out...

€55/55 Min./ 1x only!

Duett Semester (2 People) 

€45/per Person/55 Min.

Trio Semester (3 People) 

€35/per Person/55 Min.

Quartett Semester (4 People)

€25/per Person/55 Min.

The Rider's Body (1 Person)

+ Medilogic Saddle Pad

€165 per 55 Min.

Zoom Semester Matwork Group

 €18 per 55 Min.

Zoom Semester Conscious Breathing Group

€18 per 55 Min.

Kinesiology Taping

Prices depend on amount of tape used.