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How K - Tape Works

Our skin is not only a protective covering, but our largest organ with a multiplicity of receptors, which perceive external influences that forward to deeper lying receptors, or over the reflex arch of the spinal column. Accordingly, our skin is a complex composite system working together with muscles, ligaments and joints.

As human beings, we react unconsciously to these external influences. Manual therapists, however, work to consciously use these abilities of the skin. The elastic K - Tapes make it possible to influence this composite system for days after your physiotherapist appointment as the tapes have a constant influence on the skin without causing discomfort or restricting your normal range

of motion.

 Therapeutic Applications:

Improve Muscle Function

Lymphsystem Activation

Joint Support

Pain Reduction


Studio Kreith Pilates

is pleased to offer:

original K - Taping

K - Taping for Women's Health application

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Original K - Tape 

Specially developed for the

K - Taping method, our stretchable K - Tape

is especially skin - friendly and breathable. Made from 100% American cotton and German engineered hypoallergenic

acrylic-based adhesive.

Original K - Tape is free of medicinal and active ingredients and can therefore be used in addition to medicine - based and homeopathic treatments.

K - Tape is water - resistant, and designed to  stay comfortably in place for days to weeks without restricting range of motion, providing an ideal alternative for lymph issues, such as Lymphoedema, experienced by many 

 Breast Cancer survivors.