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About Kate...

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Kate Cede
Pilates Trainer, 40

I came to Pilates 20+ years ago as an amateur Equestrian in the USA, trying to balance a day job and training to stay fit to ride. A friend who was dancing in the State Ballet at the time said, "Come and try Pilates. You'll love it."

"What's Pilates?", I asked.

A week later, walking out of my first Pilates Reformer class I felt better than I had in years: Taller, lighter, grounded, exhausted (!) and happy. The rest is history, with Pilates as my basis training I have enjoyed the satisfaction of standing taller, balancing faster, and performing better in my sport. 


Over the years, I came to discover that helping other people meet their fitness, rehabilitative, and training goals is just as satisfying. In Studio Kreith Pilates, passion for excellence in performance meets passion for education. With more than 1000 professional training hours, clients benefit directly from my experience with the best trainers available in the USA, the United Kingdom & Europe. 

I teach Pilates because I believe in

the effectiveness of the method from

firsthand experience.


It's smart, it's body friendly, it works, and with a bit of practice you can achieve serious results. It is fitness for every body, sport, and training niveau. Welcome to Studio Kreith Pilates.


Kate Cede


Certifications & Continuing Education

Focus Pilates

2016 - present, Member - Pilates Verband Austria


12/2020 Pilates Alliance,

2 "Pilates Sisters" Share the Spectrum of their Teacher Kathy Grant: Blossom Crawford (USA) & Sarita Allen (USA)

  - 6 hrs.


11/2020 - 01/2021 Kathy Ross - Nash (USA), 1st Red Thread 10 Week Challenge Participant, interactive trainer group

- 42 hrs.


10/2020 3D Pilates, Spinal Symmetry Livestream, Blossom Crawford (USA) & Marshall Higgins PhD. PT (USA)

- 4 hrs.


05/2020 - present, Blossom Leilani Crawford (USA) training - Bridge Pilates, Brooklyn, NY, USA - 40 hrs. + 

04/2020 - present, Kathi Ross - Nash (USA) Workshops & Workouts, livestream trainer group, - 31 hrs. +

08/2019 - present, Michael Rooks (USA) training - Pure Joe Pilates, Washington DC, USA - 40 hrs. +

02/2020 - present, Pilates Trainer, Soccer Pilates: Stay in the Game, FC Wacker Innsbruck U14/U15, Innsbruck (AT)


2019 TPS Standing Pilates Workshop,

Sandra Käfer (DE), First Pilates, Mattersburg AT - 3 hrs.

2019 TPS Best Agers Workshop,

Sandra Käfer (DE), First Pilates, Mattersburg AT - 3 hrs.

2018 - 30 Oct. 2020 The Pilates Standard (TPS) - Sandra Käfer (DE), Natl. Directorin TPS Austria, Classical Pilates Studio Apparatus Diploma, Mattersburg, AT - 750 hrs.


2017 ARGE WEST PILATES - Pilates Reformer Basic Trainer, Innsbruck, AT


2016 Pink Ribbon Program - Pilates Trainer for Breast Cancer Survivors (USA)


2016 ARGE WEST PILATES - Pilates Matwork Trainer, Innsbruck, AT

Focus Anatomy

12/2020 - 01/2021 Anatomy Trains,

Master Class Series Webinars:

06/01/21 Final Panel

06/01/21 Robert Schleip (DE)

03/01/21 Eric Franklin (CH)

02/01/21 Carl Stecco (IT)

30/12/20 Peter Levine (USA)

29/12/20 James Nestor (USA)

28/12/20 Jaap van der Wal (NL)

27/12/20 David Lesondak (USA)

26/12/20 Thomas Myers (USA)

- 18 hrs.


12/2020 Anatomy Trains,

 1 Day Specialty Class:

Brain, Spine, & Spinal Cord

Fascial Dissection Live Webinar,

Tom Myers (USA) & Todd Garcia (USA)

- 4 hrs.

12/2020 Anatomy Trains 

Fascial Dissection Live Webinar,

Tom Myers (USA) & Todd Garcia (USA)

- 16 hrs.


11/2020 Anatomy Trains 

Fascial Dissection Live Webinar,

Tom Myers (USA) & Todd Garcia (USA)

- 16 hrs.

10/2020 Anatomy Trains

Macro 2 Micro,

Fascial Dissection Livestream

Tom Myers (USA) & Todd Garcia (USA)

- 8 hrs.


09/2020 Anatomy Trains 

Fascial Dissection Livestream,

Tom Myers (USA) & Todd Garcia (USA)

- 16 hrs.

08/2020 Conscious Breathing Trainer i.A., Anders Olsson (SW),

Conscious Breathing, SW - 52 hrs.

08/2020 Anatomy Trains 

Fascial Dissection Livestream,

Tom Myers (USA) & Todd Garcia (USA)

- 16 hrs.

07/2020 Anatomy Trains,

Fascia in Sensori-Emotional Response Livestream,

Tom Myers (USA) & Dr. Robert Schleip (DE)

- 6 hrs.

06/2020 Anatomy Trains,

Fascial Dissection Livestream, 

Tom Myers (USA) & Todd Garcia (USA)

- 16 hrs.

05/2020 Anatomy Trains,

Fascial Dissection Livestream,

Tom Myers (USA) & Todd Garcia (USA)

- 16 hrs.

04/2020 Anatomy Trains

in Structure and Function Livestream, 

Tom Myers (USA) - 12 hrs.

2018 K-Taping, Taping Therapist, Women's Health, Physiozentrum für Weiterbildungen Innsbruck, AT - 7.5 hrs.

2018 K-Taping, Taping Therapist Pro, Physiozentrum für Weiterbildungen, 

Innsbruck, AT - 15 hrs.

Focus Equestrian

03/2020 Jochen Schleese (DE), Saddlefit 4 Life, Certified Equine Ergonomist i.A. (AT & DE)

03/2020 Anja Beran (DE) -

Lateral Movements Kurs (AT)

02/2020 Antje Bandholz (DE) training -  Grinzens, AT - 3 hrs.

2018 - 2019 Sebastian Görlich (DE) training - Grinzens, AT - 9 hrs. 

2018 Equipilates - Biomechanic Trainer (GB)

2008 - 2009 Horse Caretaker - Glenwood, MD (USA) 

2008 Auditor, Mary Wanless (GB), For The Good of The Horse/Rider Clinic, Poolesville, MD (USA)

2006 - 2008 - Student, Dressage, In Hand -  Alexander Chterba (USSR), USSR Calvary Riding Master, USSR Showjumping Team, Soviet Dressage Team Coach at the Olympic Training Center in Moscow, Boyds, MD (USA)

2006 - Rider, Francie Dougherty DVM (USA),  

Seneca Sporthorses, Poolesville, MD (USA)

2003 - 2006 Trainer - Rock Creek Park Horse Center, Washington DC (USA)

1999 - 2002 Wrangler - Harmel's Ranch Resort, Almont, CO (USA)

1999 - 2000 Working Student, Dressage - Deborah Hindi (USA), Gunnison, CO (USA)

1999 Working Student, Dressage -        Jurgen Gohler (DE), German National Dressage & Showjumping Team, 2x Bronze Olympic Medal Winner, Lima, OH (USA) 

1998 - 1999 Student - Equine Stud Farm Management, Lake Erie College, Painsville, OH (USA)

1996 - 1998 Competition Rider, Hunter/Jumpers - Denise Finch (USA), Forecast Farms, The Plains, VA (USA)

1996 - 1998 Working Student, Foxhunting - School of Foxhunting, Haymarket, VA (USA)

Certificates of Qualification

Focus Pilates

Focus Anatomy

Focus Equestrian